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Wolfmans Fast Food Review 101

Hell, I haven´t done one of those in over two years. Sorry about that.
Today I tested the Beer BBQ Steakhouse burger by Burgerking.
This is what I got. I took it as menue with onionrings and a large Coke (this menue was also availabe with a beer for 0,30 € more, but since it was just shitty Becks I passed on that). Place was the Burgerking Restaurant Liebfrauenberg, Frankfurt, time ca 15:50 h on Monday, 3rd of October 2016. Price was 7,99 € (7,49 € for the menue + 0,50 € for extra bacon on the burger).

First impression:
The burger is quite large and has a nice smokey smell. The burger consists of a beer bun, beef patti, salad, tomato, white onions, cheese, extra bacon, beer BBQ sauce and Mayo. I love the look of the bun.
The onionrings look nice and crisp, but they are a bit greasy, you can see it on my finger, I just took that one out of the bag!
First bite:
The burger has a really lovely, smokey savioury taste. I like it! The bun is firmer (heh) than regular burger buns , thats pretty neat since it gives the burger stability.
THe onion rings are better than I remember. Quite possible that Burgerking improved the recepie since I last had them.
My result:
Beer BBQ Steakhouse: 9 of 10. Now thats a great, hearty burger. I really like the bun (heh) and hope that they will use it in other sandwiches.
Onion Rings: 7 of 10. Those are quite good onion rings for a big fast food franchise.

Side note: A beggar came to my table when I just wanted to start eating (this is something I really hate more than anything) and was trying to get money with a bullshit sobstory about a baby with cancer. This is a really disgusting way to pity people in giving them money. Especially since medical costs are covered by the state in this country if you really are poor. I wonder how many naive pople fall for this? Also there was a homeless person browsing though the leftovers at the tray shelve. This Burgerking restaurant really needs to do something about their security.
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