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On the US presidential election

So yeah. THIS happend.
The cover of this weeks iddue of Der Spiegel sums it up pretty good how people here in Europe, but also in the US feel right now. I´m writing about it now, over a week later, because I had to stomache it, get of the first wave of shock, horror and anxiety, to think about it and to double check that I wasn´t suddenly transfered to an evil mirror universe by some freak transporter accident.
Trump won.
The person least qualified, least likely, is going to be the 45th president of the United States. A racist, sexist, mentally instable inbecile, an egocentric, vain, insufferable braggart with delusions of grandieur, a chalatarn that has completely lost any connection with reality, a compulsive liar and con artist (not a very good one at it), a thieving scumbag, a shitty, shady business man with zero political experience, zero experience as a public servant, who went bankrupt several times and wasted a large part of the fortune he inherited from is equally dreadfull father and only made money when he fucked over people even stupider than himself, a vile, rude, crude, vulgar bully and pathetic, thinskinned crybaby, a fucking reality star, a sad, small man loudly and stupidly overcompensating his inferiority complex about his numerous and obvious failings as a human being, a ridiculus living cartoon character that is basically a mix of a villian from a crappy old saturday morning cartoon and an anti-american caricarture from a 1980s Pravda is now in charge of the largest economy in the world, the largest army in the world, the largest nuclear arsenal in the world.
This is fucking happening.
This is scaring the shit out of me.
2016 is going to go into history where not one but two mayor nations had the chance to do the right thing, vote for the right thing, but went full retard instead due to some unclear feelings of uneasyness and uncertainty in a large part of the populartion and the abillity of a few fascist demagouges to use it for their own horrible goals. We will start into 2017 with a world of Brexit, a world of president Trump. If you told me this one year ago I would have laughed in your face. I´m really worried whats next. France is going to have a presidential election is spring, it is not unlikely anymore that Marine Le Pen, the candidate and leader of the neofascist FN will become president. Germany will have a general election in September, here its likely that the extreme right AfD will gain not only get seats in the Bundestag but become one of the largest parties. Interesting times we live in. President Obama is currently in Berlin on his farewell tour (and possible to look for places to take political asylum in after January 20th), and he praised chancellor Merkel as the last bastion of freedom in a world of Putin, Trump and Erdogan. Germany is now the free world, the shining city on the hill. Yes, this is fucking happening.
It may be a relief that Trump will quite likely not be president for a full term. I´m quite certain that he will fuck up badly the first months into office that even a repupblican lead senate would have to impeach him. Then there are the protests all over the country, democratic states like Californnia have sworn defiance. I think its also possible that he quits after a few months just because he gets so frustrated with a job that is not talking about himself 24/7 and not being able to rule the country like an absolute king and/or because he gets completely overwhemed by the huge resposibillity and the many tasks this position actually has. First cracks are allready visible, when he had a tour in the white house and the capitol a few days ago he looked absolutely miserable, he hates this! I think he didn´t plan to win, he probably planned to loose, play the matyr for a few years and make a buck out of it. The downside of Trump dropping out of office during the term is that then VP Mike Pence would be president, who is basically a younger, more vital killer robot version of Dick Cheney, only more vicious and less compassionate.
Interesting times.
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