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I was on the Frankfurt Christmas Market today.
I did plan to go today anyway, but now I went with determination. I´m not scared, just disgusted and angry. I won´t be terrorized. If you let yourself be terrorized, the terrorists win. And I don´t want to let them win. They won´t defeat me.
What we see is a dying beast lashing out, trying to drag as many innocent as possible with it to its doom. This was not the first terrorist attack and it will not be the last. Still they cannot win. They will not defeat us, nor change our way of life or make us abandon our values. We will stay calm and vigilant and we will carry on. Because we are stronger. Stronger than them. Stronger than a bankcrupt ideology that hates life and gloryfies death. Europe, our way of life, our culture, our open and liberal society, our democraty, our freedom and our great and noble nation of Germany will prevail, will still grow strong when the Islamists, the IS and their barbaric atrocities are nothing but a bitter, half-forgotten footnote in the history books.
We will prevail. We will win.
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