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Haven´t posted in months so here is some movie stuff.

First of all I was in Ghost in the shell a few days ago. It was better than I expected. It does not quite reach the level of the original Manga or the Anime(s), but it was a decen´t Cyberpunk film. I really liked their version of Aramaki.
However the big news this week is the first teaser trailer for "Star Wars - The Last Jedi", Episode 8 of the Star Wars Saga which will be released in Cinemas in December.

Lets start the speculations: Rey starts her training with Luke as her Master. Under his instruction she has force visions of Leia in a star map room, probably of a resistance or new republic star ship, the shattered helmet of Kylo Ren, and some mysterious ancient books in a tree shrine (?) showing the symbol of the Jedi order. We see Rey train with the light saber on Lukes island, we see landspeeders attacking walkers while kicking up dust, Finn is in some kind of regernation (?) chamber, possibly due to his injuries from the end of "The Force Awakens", Poe Dameron and BB8 Make a run for their X-Wing but an explosion in the (Starship?) hangar stops them in their tracks, we stee the Falcon shooting down Ties (yay!), Rey running with the light saber (don´t to that, its dangerous), Kylo Ren now without mask but with his unstable light saber again, Luke (?) and R2 before what appears to be a burning Jedi temple, stormtroopers marching through fire, but that could also be the famed knights of Ren and finally a massive space battle with star ships that somewhat look similar to the old Nebulon B frigates of the Rebel Alliance. The biggest suprise is the final announcment of Luke: "Its time for the Jedi to end." Now what could he mean by this? Maybe that its time to replace the old Jedi order, which was flawed and dogmatic and thus easy to corrupt with something new? Is Luke becoming a grey Jedi? The folks at Lucas Film/Dismey have really masterd the art of the trailer. Their trailers show you enough to water your mouth, but avoitd telling you too much about the story of the film. I, for one, am on the edge of my seat. Oh, and the poster is sweet too:

Ah, and one of my favorite fan theories about Star Wars was sorta confirmed too. The old rebell soldier with the white beard on Endor was semi-offically confirmed to be good old Captain Rex of Clone Wars and Rebells glory.

Yeah, sure its retroactive, but I love that.
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