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German Comic Con Frankfurt 2017

So last weekend was the Frankfurt version of the German Comic Con that has been introduced to several german cities (Dortmund, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich) in the last year. I went there on Sunday. It was okay. Much stuff to buy. Autograf sessions were mainly with actors from film and television. There were no actual comic artists there, only a few german cartoonists and independent artists, so that was kind of a bummer. I got an autograf from Robin Lord Taylor, the actor who is starring as the penguin in Gotham, and who is an incredibly talented actor and a very charming fellow, thou. There was much anime stuff and cosplay going on, but only two (2!!!) booths that were actually selling comics. Very little comic for an comic con. Anyway here are the pictures I took.

Just a sticker I saw at the exit of the subway station. I thought that was hillarious.
This way to (too little) comics.
Some cool movie themed cars were there (not originals) like this 1990 Ford Explorer in the Jurassic Park look.

The goddamn DeLorean!!! I love the attention detail in ths replica. I love the replica and want to own one at some point in my life (yeah, I need to make a drivers licence first), but I may reconsider this since it was awfull to cram my fat 105 kg and 1,80m arse into that low drivers seat. I almost hit my head on that door.

K.I.T.T.!!!!! Without David Hasselhoff thou (sad). That one is a brilliant replica. Just look at that cockpit! LOOK AT IT!!!! A real labour of love .
The german garrison of the 501st Legion is here too. Love these costumes.
Here is me with Mauro Antonini aka Manthomex. He is an artist I know from Deviant Art and FurAffinity. Check out his stuff at http://manthomex.deviantart.com/, http://picioncinema.deviantart.com/ and http://www.furaffinity.net/user/manthomex/ as well as his Facebook under the name Mauro Antonini - the artist formerly known as Manthomex. I love his funny, cartoonish stile and he is a real lad.
Star Wars characters as samurai warriors. Since Star Wars was partly inspired by japanese samurai movies we´ve gone full circle here. Also Superheroes as samurai.
Thats an ipressive costume, he unfortunately has displaced his Red Skull mask.
Oh? Another time machine? Where could the owner be?
There he is!
A very lovely Supergirl.

And of course there are some Furrys. Must be a drag to run around all day in those fursuits. At the end of the day you´ll smell like a gym bag full of old socks.
So thats it for the first Frankfurt Comic Con. Will I be back next year? Eh, probably, but I hope they´ll bring more comics into it.
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